600x600 72dpi recorder dvr sd 1


Since the amazing DVR-SD records on solid-state SD cards, there are no moving parts, resulting in extreme shock-resistance and reliability. With the card slot located conveniently in the front, you can achieve virtually unlimited recording hours by carrying additional cards to swap. It can accept up to a 64GB SDHC card.

The unit ships with an 8 GB SD card to get you started, which will hold approx. 4 hrs of High Quality (uncompressed) video, or up to 18 hrs. highly compressed (lowest quality).
Video files can be transferred to any device capable of accepting and reading the removable SD Card.
Due to its small footprint, the DVR-SD can be installed in ALL sizes of SeaViewer Surface Consoles, provided you select an LCD display and Battery/ Charger/ HUB with your Surface Console.

The embedded 533MHz video encoder processor allows True H.264 Compression for real-time D1 Video Resolution Quality, 704x480 @ 30fps (NTSC) and 704x576 @ 25fps(PAL).
Features Auto-recording, timed-recording, and manual recording. Captures 1-channel audio with AAC(Advanced Audio Compression).

The recorded video (.AVI) can be played back through any Display which accepts "composite" analog video attached to the DVR using the standard RCA-type plug, such as SeaViewer's LCD Monitors. Both model DVR's also require 8-32 Volt DC power, so they are recommended to be installed into one of SeaViewer's Surface Consoles with a Battery/Charger/HUB.
Transferred video files can be played back on a PC using the video player software we provide or other common players (listed under Specifications). Editing the video on a PC can be accomplished with many third-party editing suites using the CODECS listed under Specifications.


- 8 GB SD card - Remote Control
- Video Player software
- Quick-Tips Guide & Manual


Integrated GPS - records Lot/Lan on video

Multi-Channel-  2 / 4 channel recorders are also available