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5500 HD Sea-Drop 3" Pipe Inspection

HD Videos

Internal LED in Tampa Bay at Night (Dirty Water)

 Internal Lights in murky water

  External LED in Tampa Bay at Night (Dirty Water)

 External Lights in murky water

 HD Internal Lights Dirty Water - Piling at 4'HD External Lights Dirty Water - Piling at 4'

5500 HD Pipe Inspection Camera

Build & Price

hd 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 1

hd 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 2 hd 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 3


600X600 y 72 DPI WEB large monitor 1

Real-Time Video at the Surface @ 1080P

Have your own underwater adventure Seaviewer without ever getting wet.

*Monitor not included


cobiaHD-SDI to 100'

Experience broadcast qualtiy video in full HD while staying dry.  With frame rates of 60fps you will see everything that passes by your camera.


Now Offering HD to 1000'

Seaviewer provides you the ability to see well below what most divers at a full HD quality signal.  We use high quality HD-TVI or HD-AHD camera boards for viewing between 300 - 1000' depending on the application providing excellent video at frame rates of 30fps



600X600 y 72 DPI WEB console 6HD Surface Consoles

Surface Consoles provide you a completely portable solution and can be custom configured to your specific needs.  Adding a recorder, gps, or other accessories to document your experience.

HDMI GraphicHDMI Camera Connection

Easily connect our HD camera to your TV or Monitor using standard HDMI connection.  SDI/TVI optionally available



hd 600x600 72dpi led lights dimmer 7Control Settings at the Surface

Camera settings are controlled from the surface in real-time allowing adjustments based on water clarity.  Increase brightness, contrast, flip image, zoom and much more.

hd 600x600 72dpi camera led lights 1Internal Lighting with Dimmer

Cameras can be OPTIONALLY configured with internal lighting controlled at the surface.  Adjust the lights (dimmer control) for the water conditions.  We also offer external lights on the same cable or stand-alone.







hd 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 1

3" in Diameter

Use this camera using Sea Serpent Cable to inspect wells up to 750'


hd 600x600 72dpi seadrop 4

Custom Designed Sea Serpent Cable

Seavewers cable is rated at 1000' pull strengh. Allows for deployment using the cable.