Camera Probe Design

SeaDrop Probe [ Horizontal ] 

tn 2000 2000 300dpi seadrop 2

Designed Deployment     

This probe is designed to be used as a drop camera, slow trolling or while anchored. The camera can also be deployed using the attachements on the fins. Included is a "Sea Tail" that causes the camera to face into the current. Additionally you can deploy the camera on a pole for inspection at the surface.


3” diameter body (+ two ¾” fins) X 8-1/2” long
Weight over 3 lbs (in air)





Offshore High Speed Trolling Probe 


tn 2000 2000 300dpi offshore 2


Designed Deployment

Specifically designed for professional offshore sportfishermen and videographers, the hydrodynamic features of the OFFSHORE's camera bodies provide excellent stability in the water when being pulled at high trolling speeds while looking backwards at your bait target.

Quad-Wing Roll Control™
Venturi Jet Yaw Stabilizers™
Pitch Selective Grommets™

Offshore™ Trolling Series Body Features:

Exclusive hydrodynamic innovations for stable high speed trolling including:
Quad-Wing Roll Control
Venturi Jet Yaw Stabilizers
Pitch Selective Grommets
Fuselage Weighted to optimize Rotational Equilibrium
Keel Weight Grommets
Un-matched stability up to 15 knots looking rearward (requires separate tether line over 5 knots)
Size: Probe only - Approx. 15" x 6" x 6"
Dry-weight: Probe only - 8 lbs. 6oz.
Displacement: 100 cu. in. 

SeaDrop Probe [ Vertical ] 

tn 2000 2000 300dpi seadrop REAR 1


Designed Deployment

Our industrial downward facing camera probe is manufactured from a solid piece of aluminum making it vertually industructable.

Our smallest diameter camera at approximately 3". Great for tight quarters, such as water well work, industrial pipe inspection, remote underwater vehicles (ROV's) or any other waterproof or weatherproof application.

3-inch diameter, no protrusions; 6-1/4" length





All of our cameras have the following standard features:

Our exclusive patented lens -

  • - 67% stronger (rated to 1000' Depth), deeper recess, fluted for less water resistance
  • Wide-angle lens, deepest recess in the industry to protect against accidents
  • Exclusive Voltage Smoothing Circuitry (VSC) added for longest electronics life
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy body for durability (rated to 1000 feet depth)
  • Inert Gas-filled electronics compartment (prevents condensation in cold water)

 More Details

  • Power Supply: DC12V +/-15%
  • Power: < 1.5W
  • Depth Rating: 1000ft. seawater
  • Also can see Infra-red light
  • Analog or Digital Sea-Serpent™ Marine Cable for quality at the surface.
  • Operating Condition: Temperature -10 ~ +50°C, Humidity: hermetically sealed
  • Storage Condition: Temperature -20 ~ +60°C, Humidity: hermetically sealed