6500 HD High Speed Trolling Camera


Offshore High Speed Trolling Probe 


Designed Deployment

Specifically designed for professional offshore sportfishermen and videographers, the hydrodynamic features of the OFFSHORE's camera bodies provide excellent stability in the water when being pulled at high trolling speeds while looking backwards at your bait target.

Quad-Wing Roll Control™
Venturi Jet Yaw Stabilizers™
Pitch Selective Grommets™

Offshore™ Trolling Series Body Features:

Exclusive hydrodynamic innovations for stable high speed trolling including:
Quad-Wing Roll Control
Venturi Jet Yaw Stabilizers
Pitch Selective Grommets
Fuselage Weighted to optimize Rotational Equilibrium
Keel Weight Grommets
Un-matched stability up to 15 knots looking rearward (requires separate tether line over 5 knots)
Size: Probe only - Approx. 15" x 6" x 6"
Dry-weight: Probe only - 8 lbs. 6oz.
Displacement: 100 cu. in. 

1550 / 6500 Series Rigging

7Offshore Camera FAST TROLL

6Offshore Camera SLOW TROLLT

5Offshore Camera DRIFT Look horizontal

4Offshore Camera DRIFT Look Down









9Pole Clamp on 2550 Offshore Camera top view 644x1200