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analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 2



All Cameras include:

B&W or Color camera probe (both Infra-red and low-light capable)
50 feet Sea-Serpent™ Cable, custom fabricated (length based on order)
Cable hand spool
Cable clips (for combining video cable to tether line if desired)
110-240 Volt AC (50/60 Hz) power Adapter
12 VDC cigarette-lighter power Adapter
3/4" - 1" pole attachment
Hard Carrying/Storage Case to hold all of the above

Additional Accessories Included with Below Models:

950/850 Sea-Drop includes: Sea-Tail™ - attachable for looking forward
6000 Sea-Drop includes: Sea-Tail™ - attachable for looking forward





analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 1

All of our cameras have the following standard features:

Our exclusive patented lens -

  • - 67% stronger (rated to 1000' Depth), deeper recess, fluted for less water resistance
  • Wide-angle lens, deepest recess in the industry to protect against accidents
  • Exclusive Voltage Smoothing Circuitry (VSC) added for longest electronics life
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy body for durability (rated to 1000 feet depth)
  • Inert Gas-filled electronics compartment (prevents condensation in cold water)

 More Details

  • Power Supply: DC12V +/-15%
  • Power: < 1.5W
  • Depth Rating: 1000ft. seawater
  • Also can see Infra-red light
  • Analog or Digital Sea-Serpent™ Marine Cable for quality at the surface.
  • Operating Condition: Temperature -10 ~ +50°C, Humidity: hermetically sealed
  • Storage Condition: Temperature -20 ~ +60°C, Humidity: hermetically sealed



cameras superior design


SeaViewer's latest generation of Remote Camera Systems incorporate many design features and manufacturing processes that have been evolved to overcome specific problems prevalent in other systems:

DO NOT SETTLE for cameras with the following:

Protruding lenses - when scratched, ruins the image (one good bounce off bottom)
Instability (fish-tailing) when trolling or in a current
Lack of Weight to get to bottom
Intercom (Type CM) cable made for indoor use (HINT: read the Markings on it)
Lack of any Hydro-dynamic case design - after all, these are meant for use in water
Depth Ratings unsubstantiated by Factory Pressure Chamber Testing
Internal Condensation in cold water (bad for image and electronics)
Inflated Shipping Costs
Non-existant or Toll-Call Customer Support




Why let some, or all, of these problems become Your Problem(s) ?

 Demand a Camera/System that has overcome these first-generation problems - a SeaViewer System - with features such as these :


ALL SeaViewer cameras are rated to 1,000 feet depth, toughest in their class
Factory tested to this Sea-water depth in pressure chamber
Recessed Lens to protect against accidental damage
Sea-Serpent™ cable, custom-fabricated for our cameras:
Proprietary design, custom-manufactured to SeaViewer's specs
Sequential footage printed on outer jacket at 1 foot intervals
Extremely flexible and easy to handle (3" bend radius)
Thermoplastic elastomer jacket - lab-tested in saltwater for 6 months exposure
Tinned-copper, individually-insulated conductors (prevents corrosion)
Impedance-matched for superior video quality
Kevlar reinforced for 1000 lbs. pull strength
1/4" Outside Diameter
polyethylene insulated for durability and flexibility
Inert-Gas filled electronics compartment (prevents condensation in cold water)
Multiple Hydro-Dynamic innovations for better stability - see the SPECS page in SUPPORT for details and pictures.
Infra-red light emitters - get an image in absolute darkness (optional)
Superior optical specs
FEEL the quality just by picking up the probe !
Full 1-year factory warranty !
Best Quality Assurance program available anywhere


X Settings
Resolution 800 TVL 1080p/720p
Effective Pixels 976 x 582 1080x1920 720 x 1920

Frame Rate [fps]
HD-SDI ( up to 150' cable) 

60 1080 / 30 720 / 60
Frame Rate HD-AHD/TVI    1080p/30  Cable longer than 150'
Color / B&W X *
NTSC or PAL X **
 Fixed Focus  X
Viewed at Surface  X X
50 – 150’ Depth X X HD-SDI / opt TVI & AHD
200 – 1000’ Depth X X HD-TVI / HD-AHD
50 – 1000’ Depth X Analog
1000# Pull Cable X X Sea-Serpent Cable
Armored Cable Opt. X 600’ /1500# pull
Lexan Lens X X
Degree View Angle  72-77 72-77
Standard Lens 4.3mm 4.2mm
Lux Color Not Specified 1.0
Lux B&W 0.001 0.5
Gas Filled Chamber X X Stops Condensation
Voltage 12V X X < 500'
110-240 Adapter X X
Voltage Smoothing X X
1000' Depth Rated X X
Internal /External Light Option X X

All specifications are based on NTSC and are slightly less under PAL standards.  
Adapters may be required (included) at higher voltage for longer length cables.

* Factory configured as either B&W or Color  / ** Must be ordered as NTSC or PAL