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analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 2

analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 6 analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 7



2013 new HD underwater video camera 15

Real-Time Video at the Surface

Have your own underwater adventure Seaviewer without ever getting wet. *optional monitor or Surface Console

 600X600 b 72 DPI WEB console 7

Standard Definition 800TVL

Our analog cameras are high resolution 800TVL cameras for outstanding quality. 

* Optional Surface Console Available


Color or B&W

Our Analog cameras can be ordered in Color or B&W depending on your needs.  


See Underwater to 1000'

Seaviewer provides you the ability to see well below what most divers experience in full HD while staying dry.  All probes are rated to 1000'


Composite Video ConnectionStandard TV Connection

Easily connect our Analog cameras to your TV or our Surface Consoles or monitors via the AV1 (Composite) connection.


cobiaNTSC or PAL

Configrued at our office for the standard of your country.  At checkout select the format needed.





analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 5

Slow Trolling or Anchored 

Our most popular camera due to the versitility of use and durability. Slow trolling to 4 knots



analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 4

Custom Designed Sea Serpent Cable

Seavewers cable is rated at 1000' pull strengh. Allows for normal deployment without the use of a downrigger. A strong cable,



analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 1

Forward or Rear Facing

Specially designed to be forward or rear facing by using the included Sea Tail.


There are many features common to both our 950 Analog & 6000 HD Camera Probe:

They are the most versatile drop-camera on the planet. Great for fishing, diving, search-and-recovery, documenting your swim or scuba classes, and more.from Deep-Sea exploration to monitoring your Swimming Pool - works with your monitor, ours, or TV.  While the 6000 connects using the HDMI connection, our 959 uses the composite RCA connection (typically yellow).

SeaViewer's Sea-Drop™ Cameras can include the optional add-on LED lighting - blowing away other alternatives in this class. Of course, Sea-Drops™ continue to incorporate many of the design features and manufacturing processes responsible for the success of the Offshore models, but tailored for those who do not require the advanced high-speed trolling capabilities.


» B&W and COLOR cameras can see not only visible, but also inferred, light 
» get an image in absolute darkness provided an infra-red light source is available. 
» Dropping straight down in the water 
» Trolling near bottom looking forward or backward (<5 knots)
» Underwater structure, tank or pipe inspection 
» Hand-carried by a Diver
» Lowered and manipulated with a pole from the surface.
» Mounted in pools or virtually any other location for semi-permanent monitoring.