SeaViewer is a manufacture of underwater cameras connected with a cable to the surface. The camera is powered at the surface so extended underwater time is never an issue.  The camera can be supplied with internal or external lights that are also powered at the surface.  SeaViewer also offers Surface Consoles to power the camera or provide recording ability.  Our Surface Consoles can be configured with GPS overlay features that impose the Lot/Lan (GPS coordinates) on the recordings for playback reference.

Camera Models ( Camera Probes ) - Offer 3 Camera Probes (otherwise known as camera bodies) - These probes are specifically designed for how they will be used and how they fly through the water.  The three probes are:

SeaDrop Camera (Vertical or Horizontal Options) – Faces into the current or away from the current, used to view horizontal or vertical in currents or slow trolling of 4 knots or less
High Speed Trolling Camera - as the name implies is designed for trolling from 5-12 knots and will face to the rear of the boat
Vertical Drop Camera - Downward facing camera designed for viewing the bottom or as an inspection camera with a diameter of 3"

HD or SD Quality - Internal Camera modules are available in both High Definition (1080p/30) or Analog (800TVL) quality.

Lighting - Bright White Lights or Infrared (IR) lights are available for all cameras.  We also offer stand alone lighting options.


5600 Metal2 6000kit4
Admiral Full Pix w GPS Console w Bucket


HD Cameras from $1645

Sea Drop

HD Sea-Drop Underwater Camera Image

Vertical Drop

HD Underwater Pipe Inspectoin Camera Image

High Speed Trolling

HD Offshore Trolling Camera Image