Complete Systems

Complete Solutions

If you choose a complete package you will have everyting required to make your system work.

Packages come with:

1.  SURFACE CONSOLE - This is a powered case that contains all the options selected.  The Surface Console contains a battery, anodized aluminum panel, power meter, charger and connection for external power.  Surface Consoles are configured for HD or Analog depending on your camera selection.   Once you choose the Surface Console, you will then select the camera for that console.

2.  CAMERAS - We offer HD and ANALOG cameras that plug directly into our Surface Console (or also can be connected to a TV or monitor).  In additions we offer 3 different body styles we call Probes.  (Probes are unique to the application)

Sea-Drop - Deployement - "Drop , Drift, Slow Trolling <4 knots"
Offshore High Speed Trolling - Deployement - "High Speed Trolling 5-12 knots"
Pipe - Deployement - "Pipe Inspection - Face Down Application"

Our Surface Console sizes are slightly different to accomidate the equipment while striving to use the most compact size.  All systems allow you to extend the camera cable length up to 1000'. These systems are completely assembled and plug & play when recieved.

To assist in selecting a COMPLETE SYSTEM we assembled our most common configurations.
Each of below packages can be modified

FISH PACKAGE - Standard Surface Console with Monitor
PRO PACKAGE- Upgraded (Larger Console) with Recorder 
PRO + PACKAGE- largest Console with GPS ability

Complete Packages (camera and Surface Console)


Powered Console with anodized aluminum panel
Internal 7ah battery and power meter
External connection for powering console
12V cigarette lighter plug for boat power
110-240v AC adapter
Connections for camera and camera power
Customized based upon selections
Underwater Camera with 50' cable
LED Lights with Dimmer Control

Surface Consoles Only (no camera)

We are the manufacture so "almost anything is possible". Our shopping cart has custom consoles available if one of the "typical configurations" does not work. If you do not find what you need please email (or call us) and we will assist in your selection.

For more details on the camera probe and how they "fly through the water" select the body style (Analog or HD) on the sides of the page.