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SD Cameras from $695

analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop 2


analog 600x600 72dpi seadrop REAR 3


analog 600x600 72dpi offshore 2


Drop Camera 
Slow Trolling





Vertical Drop
Downward View
Pipe Inspection 




High Speed Trolling
5-12 Knots 




Compare SD vs HD


The chart below shows the major differences and limitations fo both the SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) Cameras to assist in your selection.  If you are using your videos in post production processing the HD system would give you the best results because of the higher resolution.  Addtitionally the HD cameras can be controlled via the OSD (On Screen Display); Analog are factory configured for the best overall setting.  We have multiple VIDEOS on our website to aid you in your selection. 

Terminology -

SD - Standard Definition Cameras (Analog) with very good quality and resolution.  This type of camera connects to the AV or Composite connection on a TV or Monitor.  The connection on the TV is normally a YELLOW RCA Type connection. 

HD-SDI - [Serial Digital Interface] -With a frame rate of 60fps this is the highest quality camera with vivid colors and excellent picture quality.  SDI cameras are considered to be "broadcast quality" and are used in production of TV and other professional environments.  We are probably the only manufacture that offers this quality in a system that can be viewed at the surface. Recordings made with this camera are excellent in post production and cable lengths are limited to 150' to maintain quality.

HD-TVI & HD-AHD - [HD Quality] - With a frame rate of 30fps this is considered to be the next best competitor to our highest quality camera while still maintaining very good quality color and functionality while extending the cable length up to 1000'.


X Settings
Resolution 800 TVL 1080p/720p
Effective Pixels 976 x 582 1080x1920 720 x 1920

Frame Rate [fps]
HD-SDI ( up to 150' cable) 

60 1080 / 30 720 / 60
Frame Rate HD-AHD/TVI    1080p/30  Cable longer than 150'
Color / B&W X *
NTSC or PAL X **
 Fixed Focus  X
Viewed at Surface  X X
50 – 150’ Depth X X HD-SDI / opt TVI & AHD
200 – 1000’ Depth X X HD-TVI / HD-AHD
50 – 1000’ Depth X Analog
1000# Pull Cable X X Sea-Serpent Cable
Armored Cable Opt. X 600’ /1500# pull
Lexan Lens X X
Degree View Angle  72-77 72-77
Standard Lens 4.3mm 4.2mm
Lux Color Not Specified 1.0
Lux B&W 0.001 0.5
Gas Filled Chamber X X Stops Condensation
Voltage 12V X X < 500'
110-240 Adapter X X
Voltage Smoothing X X
1000' Depth Rated X X
Internal /External Light Option X X

All specifications are based on NTSC and are slightly less under PAL standards.  
Adapters may be required (included) at higher voltage for longer length cables.

* Factory configured as either B&W or Color  / ** Must be ordered as NTSC or PAL

HD Cameras from $1645

Sea Drop

HD Sea-Drop Underwater Camera Image

Vertical Drop

HD Underwater Pipe Inspectoin Camera Image

High Speed Trolling

HD Offshore Trolling Camera Image