Camera Usage


Save fishing time by seeing what is actually below
See exactly what species of fish is at your location
Identify the species you are seeing on your electronics
Learn your other electronics better by seeing what they are showing
Understand structure better
Record the "big one" as it takes your bait - what a trophy !
Monitor your lure to determine weedingCheck out you hull or running gear without getting wet
Check crab pots, lobster traps, etc. wi thout pulling themIce Fishing
Fishing Use Of Seaviewer Video Cameras


images/website/anchor_set_checking.gifGENERAL USES

Drop something overboard, find it without getting in the water
Watch & record the action both under water and on deck
Check anchor set
Search and Rescue
Inspect running gear and hull
Exploring wrecks, submerged objects
Inspect/Monitor your pool - above or below water
Use of Seaviewer Cameras to check anchor set

images/website/Swim_team_coaching.gifSPORT & RECREATIONAL

Create underwater videos of swim teams
Monitor/Record swimmers or divers for evaluation in pool exercises
Mobile vehicular mounting
Remotely monitor or record most any sporting action
Swim Team Coaching



Find exactly the dive spot you are after
Eliminate wasted dives
Eliminate the need to send a scout diver down to check the site
Find the wreck, take the guesswork out of it
Record your dive & re-live those exciting moments
Monitor the dive live from topside
Allow those non-divers topside to feel a part of the dive
Add a safety factor to most any dive situation
Instructors - monitor pool & open water exercises
Record and review exercises for later review
Search & Rescue


Bridge and Dam inspection
Plumbing and Pipe inspection
Electrical and Cable inspection
Bottom Surveys
Ship Surveys
Tank Inspection
Discharge monitoring
Monitor hostile environments
Ship Surveys - Industrial Use of Seviewer Cameras


images/website/seaviewer_biology_use.gifMARINE STUDY

Create Wildlife videos - in or out of the water
Monitor habitat
Conduct non-intrusive surveys
SeaViewer Underwater Camera Use: Biology Study


Remotely Monitor/Record virtually anywhere a waterproof camera is beneficial:
outside entrances & walks
driveways & parking lots
docks & piers
outside public events
Seviewer Security Cameras